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  • 16 Sep

    (ÖNEMLİ) Web Site Bakım Duyurusu

    Merhaba , Atlas On-Line Müşterileri!

    Web Sitemizi belirli aralıklarla bakıma alacağımızı bildirir, herhangi bir sorun şikayet bildirimde bulunmak isterseniz mail ile iletişime geçebilirsiniz ilginiz için teşekkür eder

    sağlıklı günler dileriz.

    Atlas On-Line


    Mail Adreslerimiz

    Teknik Destek: teknik@atlas.net.tr

    Sipariş Ve Hizmet: info@atlas.net.tr


  • 03 Feb

    Internet Services

    It is an electronic communications network connecting Internet computer systems and can be defined as a multi-protocol network and all of the interconnected computer networks. It is formed by connecting thousands of academic and commercial networks, state and free computer networks.


    The roots of the Internet are based on research from the 1960s by the United States government, which wants to build a fault-tolerant, robust and private computer network. Special funds collected by the National Science Foundation in the 1980s for the financing of a new US backbone led to Worldwide participation and the merging of many private networks. With the proliferation of an international network in the 1990s, the Internet was at the heart of modern human life.


    In 1995, ATLAS On-Line became the first company to make first applications and to obtain the first license in order to provide the Turkish people with this service, which has been widespread since 1990 in the world.
    Internet access services that started in the beginning as Dial-up and Analog Leased Line (64 Kbps - 256 Kbps) continued to develop over time. the most advanced infrastructure and protocols of the Internet service vendor when it comes to the development of our people around the world as the first company in Turkey, we have endeavored to implement transportation in the fastest way. Today, we continue to provide added value to our valued customers by using the most advanced methods allowed by technology.

  • 03 Feb

    Server Hosting

    Atlas On-Line offers a powerful and reliable network that is common throughout the country for companies to use. Private internet access, hardware, software and personnel investments required by companies to build a structure on the internet bring high costs. Atlas On-Line thus provides Server Hosting Services to organizations through a nationwide widespread internet backbone, enabling organizations to lower these high costs.


    Atlas On-Line places organizations' servers on a fast and reliable network, allowing them to remotely and remotely access and manage their servers. In other words, organizations can use the Atlas On-Line network and present their servers on the Atlas On-Line network.


    With our server hosting service, you can safely host your hardware in our high-quality data center. At ATLAS On-Line we give you a 7 x 24 redundant electrical and network infrastructure, powerful network connection. Depending on your request, you can use many services such as management support, spare part design, installation support, security services etc. with our hosting service. Each server to be located in our server hosting service has its own private internet access and a standard air conditioner / energy fee is required.


    * Unsolicited Internet Access in line with your needs
    * Internet Backbone Link to Backbone
    * Bandwidth Charts & Daily Report
    * 1 IP Address (can be increased in line with your need)
    * Microsoft Licenses
    * 7 Days 24 Hours Uninterrupted Technical Support
    * Optional SYN, DDOS, Dos Protection Service
    * Optional Network IPS Firewall Service


  • 03 Feb


    Atlas On-Line is at your service , the domain name you want, as many email addresses as you need and unlimited updating. If you want, you can buy any of the economical Atlas On-Line packages. Our infrastructure supports all server systems available in the world. Our experts will also give you solutions that will help you get better results from the web environment, from analysis programs that measure your site's performance to survey programs that generate your visitor profile.
    Atlas is trying to respond to all of your On-Line web and mail hosting needs. On the contemporary technology Rack type servers, your site hosted with the support of ASP, DSN, MS SQL on the current MS Windows Server operating system works safely. Our Web hosting service, including Linux support, is at your service as a convenient platform for your needs.
    You can define as many e-mail users as you want in your domain name (domain) in the mail hosting service, read your e-mails over the web, and make it even more secure with Virus Scanning

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