Atlas On-Line offers a powerful and reliable network that is common throughout the country for companies to use. Private internet access, hardware, software and personnel investments required by companies to build a structure on the internet bring high costs. Atlas On-Line thus provides Server Hosting Services to organizations through a nationwide widespread internet backbone, enabling organizations to lower these high costs.


Atlas On-Line places organizations' servers on a fast and reliable network, allowing them to remotely and remotely access and manage their servers. In other words, organizations can use the Atlas On-Line network and present their servers on the Atlas On-Line network.


With our server hosting service, you can safely host your hardware in our high-quality data center. At ATLAS On-Line we give you a 7 x 24 redundant electrical and network infrastructure, powerful network connection. Depending on your request, you can use many services such as management support, spare part design, installation support, security services etc. with our hosting service. Each server to be located in our server hosting service has its own private internet access and a standard air conditioner / energy fee is required.


* Unsolicited Internet Access in line with your needs
* Internet Backbone Link to Backbone
* Bandwidth Charts & Daily Report
* 1 IP Address (can be increased in line with your need)
* Microsoft Licenses
* 7 Days 24 Hours Uninterrupted Technical Support
* Optional SYN, DDOS, Dos Protection Service
* Optional Network IPS Firewall Service


Saturday, February 3, 2018

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