Atlas On-Line, the first private Internet Service Provider founded in Turkey (ISP) is almost the same age as one of the companies of the sector. By combining its experience with technology investment, customer-focused service approach and staff training, it aims to raise the service threshold day by day.

Atlas On-Line in Turkey;
* Drawing the first leased line,
* the first radio broadcast over the internet,
* giving up dial up service with first static IP,
* Lease line gives customers the first auto backup service on alternative lines,
* Mail servers are the first service provider to provide remote control capability.

Atlas On-Line technical services, as well as free training seminars organized for customers in certain periods has achieved a province in the sector.
Atlas On-Line continues to grow in corporate information with its experience, technological investment and customer-focused service understanding.

"Respect to Nature ... Respect Humanity ... Respect for Work ..."

By providing people and businesses with the fastest access to customers and information; we chose communication business primarily to ensure that their time, and therefore all other resources, are used more efficiently and effectively.

We do this job; we are determined to maintain the brand as a model for which competitors will want to sample, where their staff, suppliers, partners and end customers are consistently value-added and finally happy.

When doing our job; teamwork, planned and systematic work, to produce economical and correct solutions, personal development, creativity and diversity.

Being a learning organization; to be open minded, to be open to feedback, to be open to feedback, to listen to each other and our clients well, to read, to share knowledge, to be focused on respect, hard work and result, trust, fair behavior, responsibility, honesty,

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