Outlook 2010-2013-2017

The Outlook program opens.
In the top left menu, click the " File" tab.
Click on the " NEW" tab in Account Settings.
From the window that appears, select " Manually Configure Manual Installation or Additional Server Types " and press the " NEXT " button.
The " POP or IMAP " option is marked.

Your Name: Information that will be visible on the opposite side (Name and Surname are entered.)

Email Address: Mail Address to be established

Account Type: POP3

Incoming Mail Server: mail.yourdomain.com

Outgoing Mail Server (Smtp): mail.yourdomain.com
Username: Mail Address to Install

Password: Mail your password

The " OTHER SETTINGS " button is clicked on the right. " Outgoing server requires authentication " is marked in the " Outgoing Server " tab.
Click on the " Advanced " tab again in the same window. Outgoing Server (Smtp) is changed to 587 .

" Leave a copy of the message on the server " will be flagged and no more than " 14 " days removed from the Server at the bottom to avoid quota problems.

In the above settings, the mails will be deleted from the server 14 days ago; the mails will not be deleted from the other installed devices on the computer. With this setting, there will be no quota problem on the server side.

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